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Owner, Teacher

Hi, I'm Kate, and I am passionate about education!


I began my teaching career in inner-city Kansas City almost twenty years ago. As our family moved, both geographically and educationally, God shifted my passion for education from

the public school system to the homeschool world. I have spent the past thirteen years homeschooling

my own children, teaching classes in the homeschooling community, and running a tutoring business.


In 2022, I began teaching a small group of students full-time in my home. I have watched

my students thrive as they've been given a space designed for their continual growth.

In 2023, I opened The Kaizen School to give that same opportunity to more students.

For years, I have met parents who know the traditional schooling system is not a good fit for

their children. They desperately desire something better, but don't know where to turn.

As educational awareness and freedom have expanded in post-pandemic West Virginia,

these parents now have options they didn't have before.

So many educational paths are available now to West Virginia families!


The Kaizen School could be the next path for your family!

I was born and raised in southeast Michigan and now reside in Masontown, WV with my husband, Tim,

along with our two teenagers and our toddler. I enjoy playing games

and have been accused a time or two of being just a bit competitive.

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